Monday, December 13, 2010

Round Spiral Lampwork Beads

I have fallen in love with spiral round beads. I make them in every color from turquoise to orchid purple. They are just so fun to make, and very addicting! I thionk it's a nice change from regular round or donut beads, and adds a unique look to your designs. They are great for everything, and even a simple bead to dangle for an earring is pretty.  You can see all of the colors in my shop  here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bling on the Holidays!

To me, holidays should sparkle, and my favorite sparkle bling is Swarovski. There really isn't anything that can compare to the classic brilliance of their crystals. I have a condition I call "Swarovski Coma". When I get into an old warehouse and see rows upon rows of vintage Swarovski I can't even move for a moment. I just stop and stare. The owners usually look at me and ask me if I'm alright. And then, the party begins. Opening boxes that are vintage pre 1950, in pristine unopened factory packs. Imagine seeing 144 brand new crystals all at once, box after box in every color imaginable - it is heaven. Now I move on to my "walking coma", through the rows of sparklies. It just doesn't get any better than this :)
So, for the holidays and rest of winter, I have sparkling vintage Swarovski snowflakes. And little rhinestones to dangle off anything, and cut stones that have brilliant sparkle and color. So take a look, and put some classy bling into your holidays. You know you want to!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

With the holidays fast approaching, I've decided to carry some sterling silver items. I have many different silver beads that fit the Pandora, Troll, Chamilla and any other big hole bead bracelet or necklace. The twisted rings are especially fun, as you can twirl them around on your bracelet, and they make great spacers between your larger beads. And of course, turtles and dragonflies and pretty other beads. Please come on over and take a look :) Sterling Beads/ Bead Caps

Monday, September 13, 2010

Be inspired by the beauty of autumn!

Vintage Swarovski Tourmaline Beads

Oh, I love the fall in New England! Brilliant foliage, apple picking, pumpkin carving and boldly colored chrysanthemums. Just taking a deep breath of the cool air and feel the sunshine on your face is transforming to me. It makes me stop and appreciate the little things in life, and the beauty all around me.

Here's my favorite fall scenario: Wearing a warm fuzzy fleece and taking a ride in the convertible with my hubby. Top down, and headed for sightseeing and antiquing or apple picking in our favorite orchard. We’ve even been known to put the heat on with the top down. It makes you feel alive! Or, we grab our college aged daughter and pile in the SUV and go exploring. I am legendary about 'splorin. You know who you   are.....nuff said :)

I'm teaching myself to live in the moment and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Running our dog around, hunting for new vintage treasures with my daughter, making Sunday supper for a weekly visit with my son, and every moment I spend with my husband, who after 27 years is still the love of my life. Not to mention he still gives me tingles when he hugs me.......but that's a whole different

So, grab some beads and make something to celebrate fall! The colors are awesome to design with and the combinations are endless. Most of all, have fun!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beading Staples - Czech Beads

As the summer weather starts to wind down I find myself longing again for those hot sunny days. Don't get me wrong, I love the fall. The only problem with fall is it ends in winter. And I'm not a big fan of winter :)
But, why get ahead of myself? Fall is a wonderful season here in New England, full of crisp apple orchards and gorgeous colors of red, orange and yellow. It is my favorite season for colors - and I especially love wearing fall clothes, and can't wait to wear my Irish wool sweaters I just brought back home from Ireland.

So to celebrate the wonderful colors of fall I've decided to add a line of Czech beads to my shop. Every jewelry artist knows they are an essential beading staple. They are so sparkly, come in a zillion colors, and the shapes are so versatile. From dainty little bell flowers and leaves to fire polished beads, the possibilities are endless. They are wonderful for vintage and contemporary designs, and pair particularly well with lampwork beads. The colors range from bold to neutral and there are always a few styles and colors that will make your next design pop. I really love to dangle some bell flowers from the bottom of a pendant or lariat, giving the piece a lovely movement and just the finishing touch.  Come on by and have a look!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bold Copper Patina Pendant

I just fell in love when I found this piece - it's a gorgeous large hammered copper disk in a yummy patina finish. The bamboo is raised on the domed disk and it's a great quality piece. Just add some beads, crystals, whatever you like and hang it from the top hole in the disk. Viola! An instand bold piece with a trendy asian flare. You can see it in detail here. The best parother great thingt? It's nice and lightweight as well!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Need More Vintage Jewelry Designers!

I have to admit, I have some remarkable jewelry designers who buy faithfully from my shop, and show me pictures of their designs. But where are all the others? And more importantly, where are the pictures of their designs? Nothing tickles me more than to see my findings, beads, chains, etc. used in gorgeous finished pieces.  And I know some designers don't want to share their sources. I won't tell - I promise!! I'm looking for pictures of great designs using Vintage Beadery components. The best of the best pictures sent will be considered for a post on my blog with a link to your shop. Free advertising for you! Let me know if you are interested! Help me - help you :) Please send you pictures and info to me - all designers choosen will receive a free pair of gorgeous rare vintage sapphire Swarovski crystal beads. These are no longer made and very rare!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vintage Dog and Cat Cabochons From West Germany

I've found a wonderful stash of vintage dog and cat cabochons - actually I bought them all, so get them while they are hot :) These are high quality vintage lucite cabs from West Germany and measure 40x30mm. They come in many breeds and are perfect for the animal lover in us all. What fab pendants you could make with these - dress them up with a filigree or setting and hang from a chain, glue them to a treat jar, use your imagination! I've sold a lot of these already to people who say they look just like their cat or dog. Let me know what you think!

Dog cabochons

Cat Cabochons

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Czech Beads and Vintage Crystals, Oh My!

What's more beautiful than calming carribean ocean blue? Especially in the winter here in CT.  I feel warmer just looking at them.....I really need a vacation! These are the most wonderful vintage Czech faceted AB Sapphire beads I've found.  They are just gorgeous and sparkle like crazy. There was only a gross of sapphire, and one gross of light sapphire available, so I bought them all. After that, there is no more. Ahh....such is the life for vintage beads. The shape is very unique, sort of like a pointed round. Very beautiful and something that will set your designs apart! Here is the link for the lovelies:

I have also found some cool pressed and fire polished czech beads - melon shaped, butterflies, shells and more. Some are in a matt finish as well as glossy. Great beads to have in your stash for stringing or dangling!
Check them out:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Silver Oxidized Vintage Components

My latest finds are gorgeous vintage silver oxidized pieces with Swarovski crystals made by Banana Bob. These components are so elegant; think what you could make with them. According to Swarovski, diamond jewelry is the hottest 2010 trends - here's an affordable way to make something current and stylish! I think a piece made with these would be awesome to wear with jeans as well as serve as a dressy piece. So versatile! What do you think?