Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Crystal Lady

Well, I have found Swarovski nirvana! I mean the total, absolute, shiver to the bottom of your toes, it's hard to breathe kind of heaven. In an old, old, warehouse where many a vintage finding has gone to rest. Then I heard about "the room". I was personally lead to the path. First, I went up a steep old wooden staircase that is roped off, and only accessible by being accompanied by the lady who rules the room. When I reached the top and entered the room, I was stunned. OMG! An entire room, full of shelves to the ceiling that hold every imaginable vintage (and new) Swarovski crystals by the thousands. This is where they live! I actually gasped and couldn't breathe for a moment, which the crystal lady found a bit comical. I was not allowed to touch anything, not even a box. Each tiny box was taken off the shelf by the lady and shown to me, one by one. Wait until you see what I found! Pictures to come very soon!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Treasure Hunting

To me, the greatest thing about selling vintage findings is the hunt. My husband likens it to treasure huting, which is exactly how I feel as I'm getting filthy dirty in the bowels of a scary warehouse digging for the next "great find". This past week was an especially gratifying trip. I am officially in love with Banana Bob findings. And this time, I hit the motherload. Gorgeous high quality lovlies: I can't wait to see what everyone ends up designing with these!

If you do create something wonderful with any of my findings, please give me a shout. I'd love to show them here on my blog. Here's a bit of vintage eye candy!
You can visit my shop at www.vintagebeadery.etsy.com to see all of the new additions.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Joined Art Fire

Hello! I've just discovered a new great selling venue called Art Fire. It's very similar to etsy, but seems to be taking off like wildfire! It is very user friendly and offers a lot more options than etsy. And you can list your items for free! The other option is lifetime unlimited listings for a flat rate of $14.00 per month, which is the route I went. I'm very excited about this site, as they are actively promoting the site with print ads in crafting magazines, etc. This brings the customers to you much faster!!! My shop on artfire is call Bluebird Beads Please come and take a look! It's sheltie approved by Lily!

Check it out - and if you like it please use me as a referring shop. After 10 people use you as a reference, you get lifetime listing for free! You can do the same with your friends! Click here to use me as a reference