Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Czech Beads and Vintage Crystals, Oh My!

What's more beautiful than calming carribean ocean blue? Especially in the winter here in CT.  I feel warmer just looking at them.....I really need a vacation! These are the most wonderful vintage Czech faceted AB Sapphire beads I've found.  They are just gorgeous and sparkle like crazy. There was only a gross of sapphire, and one gross of light sapphire available, so I bought them all. After that, there is no more. Ahh....such is the life for vintage beads. The shape is very unique, sort of like a pointed round. Very beautiful and something that will set your designs apart! Here is the link for the lovelies:

I have also found some cool pressed and fire polished czech beads - melon shaped, butterflies, shells and more. Some are in a matt finish as well as glossy. Great beads to have in your stash for stringing or dangling!
Check them out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/vintagebeadery?section_id=5640679