Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Czech Beads for Spring!

Come have a look at my new Czech beads just in time for your spring creations - flowers, leaves and fire polish! How fun to incorporate them with your lampwork :) Czech Beads

Silver Wash Large Flowers

 Czech Beads

Emerald Heart Leaves

Ultra Violet Fire Polish

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Promise of Things to Come

Well, the snow is finally melting and there is hope for spring in New England. Goodbye winter! The best part of spring to me is the flowers. Of course I love any kind of flowers, real or otherwise. It's time to make some floral jewelry! So get out the tools and get going - here are some findings for inspiration :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Totally Turquoise!

I'll admit, I cannot resist any stone, bead or glass that is turquoise. I just love it. I use it a lot in my jewelry designs and lampwork glass bead making. Since I live in jeans it's the perfect color. It also goes great with so many other colors, black, white, brown, red......the list goes on. It's got to be one got to be one of the most versatile colors going, with turquoise shades ranging from green to deep blue. It looks great in both modern and vintage designs. As a result, my ships have a vast selection of turquoise: Czech glass bell flower beads, Swarovski charms, cabochons and vintage beads. Come by and have a look - and then start designing with turquoise, you're going to love it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Blues

Well, it is freezing here in CT. Each year I ask myself why I live in such a cold state. I just hate the winter. I barely go outside at all because it's so cold. I stay indoors, warm and toasty and do what I call "nesting". That means I hide away at home and do things that won't make me cold. Such as design a jewelry piece, or try to organize my office, which has threatened to overtake the upstairs level of my house. I also have a big project planned to label all of my glass rods. Doesn't sound too tough, huh? Well, maybe not if I had started labeling them from day one. But now, two years later and hundreds (my husband says thousands) of glass rods all un-labeled, it's quite a task. But, you have to start somewhere. Of course, my studio is in the garage where it's freezing, so I run out, grab some glass, and run back in with it to label. Now I have glass all over my family room. Good thing I'm nesting, so I'll have plenty of time to clean it up :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Round Spiral Lampwork Beads

I have fallen in love with spiral round beads. I make them in every color from turquoise to orchid purple. They are just so fun to make, and very addicting! I thionk it's a nice change from regular round or donut beads, and adds a unique look to your designs. They are great for everything, and even a simple bead to dangle for an earring is pretty.  You can see all of the colors in my shop  here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bling on the Holidays!

To me, holidays should sparkle, and my favorite sparkle bling is Swarovski. There really isn't anything that can compare to the classic brilliance of their crystals. I have a condition I call "Swarovski Coma". When I get into an old warehouse and see rows upon rows of vintage Swarovski I can't even move for a moment. I just stop and stare. The owners usually look at me and ask me if I'm alright. And then, the party begins. Opening boxes that are vintage pre 1950, in pristine unopened factory packs. Imagine seeing 144 brand new crystals all at once, box after box in every color imaginable - it is heaven. Now I move on to my "walking coma", through the rows of sparklies. It just doesn't get any better than this :)
So, for the holidays and rest of winter, I have sparkling vintage Swarovski snowflakes. And little rhinestones to dangle off anything, and cut stones that have brilliant sparkle and color. So take a look, and put some classy bling into your holidays. You know you want to!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

With the holidays fast approaching, I've decided to carry some sterling silver items. I have many different silver beads that fit the Pandora, Troll, Chamilla and any other big hole bead bracelet or necklace. The twisted rings are especially fun, as you can twirl them around on your bracelet, and they make great spacers between your larger beads. And of course, turtles and dragonflies and pretty other beads. Please come on over and take a look :) Sterling Beads/ Bead Caps