Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Crystal Lady

Well, I have found Swarovski nirvana! I mean the total, absolute, shiver to the bottom of your toes, it's hard to breathe kind of heaven. In an old, old, warehouse where many a vintage finding has gone to rest. Then I heard about "the room". I was personally lead to the path. First, I went up a steep old wooden staircase that is roped off, and only accessible by being accompanied by the lady who rules the room. When I reached the top and entered the room, I was stunned. OMG! An entire room, full of shelves to the ceiling that hold every imaginable vintage (and new) Swarovski crystals by the thousands. This is where they live! I actually gasped and couldn't breathe for a moment, which the crystal lady found a bit comical. I was not allowed to touch anything, not even a box. Each tiny box was taken off the shelf by the lady and shown to me, one by one. Wait until you see what I found! Pictures to come very soon!

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