Friday, October 23, 2009

Twilight Movie and Vintage Jewelry

Twilight inspired vintage jewelry. It's the biggest vampire thing since "Dark Shadows" back in the 70's. Well, darn, now you all know how old I am....and the girls love to wear Twilight inpired jewelry.

Anyways! I have had several designers buy certain vintage supply items I've offered en mass, to create Twilight inspired jewelry. And they are selling it like it's on fire. The movie's star Bella, as well as her friends wears awesome vintage pieces in the movie, and it's the biggest craze since the mood ring. (Again, my age....)

Most specifically, turquoise cabs and large cab settings. It's Bella's signature look, and I couldn't be more pleased. Some of these shops can't even keep up with the demand!

Here are some pictures of what you can create for your favorite "Twilight" fan, or yourself with vintage pieces. I haven't finished the pieces, but you get the drift. The look is elegant and timeless, and makes a bold statement. After all, what self respecting vampire doesn't want to have a great sense of style????

They are to "die" for :))
You can find the pieces in both my Etsy and Artfire shops!

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