Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cabs and Settings

Well, the sling is off my arm and I'm ready to go! The latest passion of mine is vintage cabachons and settings. I've never really given them their proper due, but I'm now in love with them! There are such gorgeous settings to be found, and the cabs come in so many delicious colors! I've found ornate sliver filigree settings, lovely brass pendant settingds, as well as darling lockets both large and small that can have cabs glued onto the front.

I think the tiny lockets would make a beautiful vintage Mother's or Grandmother's bracelet - just attach the lockets to a chain with jump rings and add some crystals for extra dazzle in their favorite colors. How about some vintage swarovski charm dangles? All you need to add is the pictures and you have a one of a kind gift.

The cabs are vintage acrilic and glass and come in gorgeous colors of aqua blue, pink, green, yellow...the list goes on. Choose from matte frosted or sparkling! You are only limited by your imagination!!

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