Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Blues

Well, it is freezing here in CT. Each year I ask myself why I live in such a cold state. I just hate the winter. I barely go outside at all because it's so cold. I stay indoors, warm and toasty and do what I call "nesting". That means I hide away at home and do things that won't make me cold. Such as design a jewelry piece, or try to organize my office, which has threatened to overtake the upstairs level of my house. I also have a big project planned to label all of my glass rods. Doesn't sound too tough, huh? Well, maybe not if I had started labeling them from day one. But now, two years later and hundreds (my husband says thousands) of glass rods all un-labeled, it's quite a task. But, you have to start somewhere. Of course, my studio is in the garage where it's freezing, so I run out, grab some glass, and run back in with it to label. Now I have glass all over my family room. Good thing I'm nesting, so I'll have plenty of time to clean it up :)